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County Civil Records Search

County Civil Records Check
A county-level civil case involves one or more plaintiffs filing a complaint against one or more defendants. Plaintiffs are usually seeking awards for damages or the enforcement of a contract. Civil actions are generally classified by the amount of money sought by the plaintiff. Civil actions do not normally list a subject's date of birth or social security number. Typical information yielded includes case type, parties involved, case number, file and disposition dates, claim amount sought, disposition and awards (if any).

A County Civil Records Search is sometimes referred to as a Civil Background Check.
Why Do A County Civil Records Search
Knowing whether a potential employee has been involved in civil case activity may provide a prospective employer valuable character information regarding an applicant's history of dishonesty, irresponsibility, problems with previous employers or landlords, or a propensity for litigation. County Civil Records Checks extend research from the criminal level to the civil level, providing the employer additional information to use in determining if an applicant is appropriate for the job and work environment.

What are the Sources of a County Civil Records Search?
A county court's records are the primary source of a County Civil Records Search. County Courts maintain records in a variety of ways. While many counties are computerized, many others still use microfiche, microfilm, and paper to store files and indexes. Counties that have converted to computers do not necessarily place complete case files on their systems. They are more apt to include only an index or summary data. A quality Background Check at the county level should involve a researcher who is familiar with the record policies of the individual court system being searched.

Courts do not usually share records with other jurisdictions. Only civil cases heard in a specific county will be found in that County Civil Records Check. Therefore, each county must be individually searched to determine if a civil record history exists in that county.

What are the Weaknesses of a County Civil Records Search?
The greatest weakness of a County Civil Records Search is the limited scope of any specific search. There are more than 7,000 significant courts in the United States. Few employers have the resources and time to search every court in the country. Wise choices must be made to determine which courts to search.

Most civil court records only provide researchers with name information and offer no details about the identity of the individuals involved. This is particularly a problem when researching common names. Many civil records also involve cases that are of no interest to employers.

Once a case has been identified, the case information must be properly compiled into a report for the employer. Various (and differing) state and federal laws limit what information can be reported to an employer. Also, research is sometimes required to interpret the "legalese" (court language) used.

How Long Does a County Civil Records Search Take?
Most County Civil Records Checks are completed in 2-3 business days. However, individual county policies may affect this. Some counties require the court clerks to do the research, adding time to the process (as we must leave names to be searched with the court clerks and then wait for the clerks to do the search on "their time"). If a case file must be pulled, we are again at the mercy of the court clerk to pull the file in a timely manner. Patience is the key when doing proper County Civil Records Checks.

Can I See a Sample County Civil Records Check Report?
Yes, click Sample County Civil Records Search.

What is Our Recommendation for a County Civil Records Search?
A County Civil Records Check can provide valuable character information concerning a potential employee. We recommend a County Civil Records Check to any employer who wishes to extend research from the criminal level to the civil level, thus broadening the scope of a Comprehensive Background Check.

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