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Employment Drug Screening &
Substance Abuse Awarness Training

Nation-Wide Drug-Free Workplace Programs
A Matter of Fact offers the following Drug-Free Workplace programs and services:
  • Employee & Supervisor education materials,
    see Online Substance Abuse Awarness Training
  • Random Testing Program Management
  • Medical Review Officer Services
  • Drug testing at local facilities -- collection, lab analysis, and MRO review/reporting
    (We have over 10,000 collection sites located in all 50 States as well as Puerto Rico, Guam, Canada and the Virgin Islands)

Why have a Drug-Free Workplace?
  • The Cost of on-the-job drug abuse is over $100 Billion annually
  • 77% of all drug users over the age of 18 are employed
  • 80% of drug abusers steal from their workplace
  • 65% of all work accidents are the direct result of substance abuse

The Department of Labor Drug-Free Workplace Advisor helps employers build tailored drug-free workplace policies and provides guidance on how to develop comprehensive drug-free workplace programs. See Background Check Laws & Regulations: DOL: Drug-Free Workplace.

For Drug Screening Services, please contact our office at 530-346-6626.