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How Long Does An Employment
Background Check Take?

How long does a background check take for a job?
A common question is "How long does a background check take?" In most cases employment background check reports are complete in one to three business days from the time we receive the order. However, the process can be delayed for several reasons.

The most common reason for delay is carelessness in providing A Matter of Fact with the correct background check request and/or applicant information.

Also, remember that information for a background check is gathered from multiple sources. Some courts, employers, and schools can be hard to contact or are slow to respond. Results from these sources are usually back within a week. For more, see Why Do Some Background Checks Take Longer than I Expect?
Instant Background Checks Are NOT Quality Background Checks
Patience when doing employment background checks can significantly reduce the risk of a bad hire! The idea of an instant background check sounds great. However, a quality background takes some effort and time. It takes time to identify, locate, and contact the correct court, employer, school, or licensing agency. For more information, see Proper Employment Background Checks: Patience Now Means Accuracy and Completeness Later. In addition, databases used in instant background checks are notoriously incomplete and out of date. For more information, see Criminal Database Limitations.

Can I Speed Up My Order?
Yes! Fill out all documentation completely and legibly and see that your applicants do the same. This increases the speed with which results are received and helps increase the accuracy of the results. For more, see Need to Speed Up Your Background Checks?

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