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Non Profit Background Checks

Non Profit Background Checks
Employee and Volunteer Background Checks deal with special concerns faced by non profit organizations.
Background Checks Address Special Concerns of Non Profits
Background Checks for Volunteers
Unlike their for-profit counterparts, non profits often have a corps of volunteers who represent their organization and their respective causes in the eyes of the public. Indeed, in many cases there is little difference in the eyes of the public or the law between employees and volunteers who perform essential functions of an organization. Therefore, volunteers should be screened just as carefully as employees who would be performing similar roles.

Avoid Negative Publicity
Many Non profits are charitable foundations promoting an important cause or organizations serving a special constituency. Bad publicity caused by an errant employee or volunteer can severely damage a non profit organization's reputation among its funding sources, the public, and its constituency. Proper background checks greatly reduce the likelihood of a bad employee or volunteer. For more information, see Avoid Negative Publicity.

Protect the Infirm, the Elderly, and Children
Non profit organizations often deal with those members of society who are the most vulnerable and the least able to protect themselves. The public, the courts, and regulatory agencies expect extra vigilance during the selection process of those dealing with the infirm, the elderly, and children.

Access Residences and Living Quarters
Many non profit organizations either help provide living quarters or have access to their constituencies' residences. Organizations whose staff have access to living quarters or residences are held to a higher standard by the public, the courts, and regulatory agencies. Such staff should be carefully screened. For more information, see Screen Employees with Access to Living Quarters

Further Benefits of Employment Background Checks
Non profit Organizations derive many of the same benefits that for-profit organizations do by carefully screening workers with thorough background checks. See Why Do Background Checks

Background Check All Staff Members
Non profit organizations gain the greatest benefit when they background all staff, including full-time employees, part-time employees, temps, contractors, and volunteers.

Does the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) Apply to Volunteers?
According to the FTC "Because the term 'employment purposes' is interpreted liberally to effectuate the broad remedial purpose of the FCRA … it includes … a nonprofit organization staffed in whole or in part by volunteers." See page 32 of the FTC staff report 40 Years of Experience with the Fair Credit Reporting Act: An FTC Staff Report with Summary of Interpretations (July, 2011).

Volunteers can pay for their background checks
Non profits have the option of asking volunteers to pay for their own background checks. A Matter of Fact's QuickApp™ provides a paperless online volunteer applicant interface that streamlines workflow by asking applicants to enter their own personal data and allowing applicants to directly pay for their own background checks. See Online Background Check Order Entry and Applicant Interface.

Customer Service for Your Busy Staff
Most non profit organizations have limited staff. Therefore, we try to make it as easy as possible to properly background your employees and volunteers.

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