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Online Background Check
Order Entry and Applicant Interface

Online Background Check Applicant Interface
A Matter of Fact's QuickApp™ provides a paperless online order entry and applicant interface that streamlines workflow and reduces employer compliance concerns about collecting personal identifiers and providing mandated notifications.

Just log into A Matter of Fact's online tracking system, order a background check, and provide the name and email address of the applicant. It's that easy!

It is FREE. There are no additional fees to use A Matter of Fact's standard QuickApp™ to place orders.

Why Use A Matter of Fact's QuickApp™
  • Paperless Online Order Entry and Applicant Interface
    QuickApp™ orders are placed electronically and applicants enter information online 24/7. The information is seamlessly uploaded in real-time for processing.
  • Reduced Age Discrimination Exposure
    QuickApp™ allows employers to reduce liability and exposure to age discrimination lawsuits by authorizing A Matter of Fact to collect DOB (required for background checks) directly from applicants.
  • Improved Disclosure Compliance
    QuickApp™ helps employers meet FCRA and state mandated background check disclosure and authorization requirements by providing forms to applicants as part of the online interface.
  • Reduced Identity Theft Concerns
    QuickApp™ eliminates the need for employers to collect and handle applicant’s personal identifiers. The employer never needs to see personal identifiers until that information is required to bring a new employee onboard.
  • Enhanced Efficiency
    QuickApp™ helps reduce transcription errors and errors from misread handwriting. Delays caused by missing information, missing forms, and data entry errors are reduced.
  • Free
    There are no additional charges to use A Matter of Fact's standard QuickApp™ to place orders.

How QuickApp™ Works
  • Sample Documents Provided - QuickApp™ includes sample email invitations, instructions, electronic signature forms, and default notices, disclosures, & authorization forms.
  • Applicant Receives Personal Invitation - The applicant receives by email a personal invitation which includes a secure link, a password, and instructions for completing the online forms. The personal invitation e-mail and background check order is initiated by using one of three methods:
    • Individual invitation - The employer initiates an individual request for a background check by providing the name and email address of the applicant.
    • Batch invitation - The employer uploads a batch request providing the names and email addresses of applicants in a batch CSV file to easily process many applicants.
    • XML request - The employer's Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) can initiate an individual request over a standardized XML gateway. The XML request can request the invitation be sent to the applicant, or the ATS can present its own link for applicants to securely complete their information online.
  • Applicant Completes & Submits Documents Online - The applicant accepts the notices, executes an e-signature, enters the requested information and submits these to A Matter of Fact for processing.
  • A Matter of Fact Reviews Material - A Matter of Fact reviews the material submitted by the applicant and processes the background check order.
  • Employer Tracks Progress Online - The employer views the applicant’s submitted material and tracks the progress of the background check online.

Custom Options Available
  • Customized Documents - Customized email invitations, instructions, electronic signature forms, and disclosure & authorization forms can be utilized.
  • Custom Web Site - The Employer can have a custom web site where applicants complete their information and electronic disclosure & authorization forms online.
  • "Application-style" Format - An "application-style" format can collect the information currently gathered by the employer's paper application. Job application information, information required for background checks, mandated notifications, disclosures & authorization forms, and electronic signature are obtained in one process.
  • Applicants Pay for Their Own Background Check - The employer has the option to require applicants to pay for their own background check by credit card, money order, check, voucher, or any other payment options desired. This is useful for volunteers, contractors/vendors, and students/interns.

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A Matter of Fact is not a law firm and cannot provide legal advice. The information and forms on this site and in QuickApp™ are for educational purposes only and cannot be relied upon as legal advice. Legal counsel should be consulted concerning an employer's specific legal responsibilities, and to ensure that documents, policies and procedures are in compliance with applicable local, state and federal laws and regulations.