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Professional Reference Check

Professional Reference Check
Professional References are contacted to review information regarding an applicant's capacity to perform the particular job being sought (abilities, skills, qualifications, work habits, absenteeism, supervisability, honesty, tendency to engage in violent or harmful conduct, etc.). A Professional Reference Check may also be referred to as simply a Reference Check.
Why Do Professional Reference Checks
A Professional Reference Check is unique in that it does not gather data but instead asks one individual to evaluate another. It provides a personal look into the background of the applicant. It involves a discussion of the individual’s strengths, weaknesses, and qualifications for a particular job.

What are the Sources for a Professional Reference Check?
We contact the Professional Reference using the contact information provided by the job applicant.

What are the Weaknesses of a Professional Reference Check?
When we call a Professional Reference, we are interrupting that individual. Most Professional References are happy to talk to us, but some can be difficult to contact or prefer to not answer our questions.

Many employers are reluctant to provide detailed employment references for former employees beyond name, job title, dates of employment and eligibility for rehire due to concerns about potential lawsuits. Therefore, many states have enacted "employer reference immunity" laws. See State and Local Background Check Laws and Regulations.

How Long Does a Professional Reference Check Take?
Most Professional Reference Checks are back within two to three days from the order date.

Can I See a Sample Professional Reference Check Report?
Yes, click Sample Professional Reference Check.

What are Our Recommendations for Professional Reference Checks?
A Professional Reference Check should be done on every job applicant. We are happy to conduct the professional reference check on behalf of clients but recommend that they do it themselves since they are more familiar with the unique requirements of their businesses than we are. We believe the hiring manager is normally the best person to conduct this important element of a Comprehensive Background Check.

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