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Need to Speed Up
Your Background Checks?

It can be a time-consuming process to gather information from the multiple sources required to provide a thorough understanding of a job applicant's qualifications.

Is it possible to speed up the background checking process?

Yes! However, it is important to first understand the following important points about employment background checks.

Employers Must Comply With The Law - the Fair Credit Reporting Act, the Americans with Disabilities Act, and all other Applicable State and Federal Laws, including properly establishing an account with a background-checking agency and providing the written disclosures, authorizations, and notifications, etc., required by law. (There can be no "cutting corners" here to save time!)

Background Checks are Best Done "Through the Front Door" - This means that contact information for the schools, prior employers, and other record repositories is located independently of the contact information provided by the applicant. This ensures that we are contacting the actual school, prior employer, etc., claimed.

Record Sources Do It "Their Way" - Schools, prior employers, and other Record Sources maintain and release information in a variety of ways. While many records are computerized, many others are maintained on microfiche, microfilm, and paper. Records converted to computers are not necessarily complete. Records are also not necessarily shared between campuses in the same school system or between branches of the same company. Each record repository has its own rules and regulations as to how records are kept and released, and interpretation of the local "legalese" or source language may also be required. Some repositories require that a request for information be made either by mail, fax, or voice mail, adding time to the process (as we must wait for the repositories to do the search on "their time").

What can be done to speed up background checks?

Provide All Applicable Documents - Provide A Matter of Fact with all required documents to establish an account and to request a background check. Provide the job applicant with all documentation as required by law. This avoids delays caused by waiting for the proper documentation. (See How to Conduct a Background Check.)

Fill Out All Documentation Completely and Legibly - Proper contact information for the client and clarity as to what is being requested are essential. Proper signatures are required before a background check can be started. Carelessness is the main reason for delays when conducting a Comprehensive Background Check. Such carelessness requires our staff to follow up for more information and may require the running of additional searches.

Contact Our Office with any Special Requests - You can contact us by phone or e-mail. Our most important product is customer service. We cannot guarantee that a school, prior employer, or other record source will speed up an order when requested to do so, but we will contact them with this request when your needs require it, and we will attempt to obtain for you a verbal response while we wait for the paperwork to arrive.

Use Our Online Tracking System - Most search results are available online for your review as soon as each result has been checked for accuracy. We can also arrange Alternative Methods of Delivering Your Reports if that would help.

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