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Substance Abuse Awareness
Online Training

The AWARENESS Advantage: Save time and money by investing in PREVENTION vs. INTERVENTION!

AWARENESS TRAINING provides interactive training for supervisors and employees as required by the latest federal government rules and regulations regarding drugs and alcohol in the workplace. Compliance Information Systems, the nation’s leader in software solutions for the drug testing industry, developed AWARENESS Training.

Supervisor Training (2 hr) specifically instructs supervisors to identify, document and address employee performance issues that could be an indication of drug and alcohol related problems. The result is a safe and productive workplace.

The Supervisor Training includes the following modules:
  • Drug Testing: This module teaches employees and supervisors about drugs in the workplace and the drug testing process, from specimen collection through the medical review of results.
  • Alcohol Testing: The alcohol-testing module trains employees and supervisors about the risks of alcohol abuse at work as well as their detection and prevention. The module also covers the role of the substance abuse professional in counseling.
  • Employee Awareness Training: This provides employees with a basic understanding of the problems associated with drug and alcohol use and the impacts of that use on the workplace. Employees learn what is typically acceptable and what is not. They learn when to say "When" and why to say "No."
  • The Supervisor’s Role: Our final module focuses on how supervisors can improve the productivity of their employees. It educates supervisors about how to recognize and appropriately document the behavior of employees. They can recognize suspicious or telling symptoms of drug or alcohol related problems and deal with them in an appropriate and timely manner.
Note: The Employee Awareness Training module is available for training individual employees.

For more information about Substance Abuse Awareness Online Training, please contact our office at 530-346-6626.