Fake Resumes, Fake References, Fake Degrees: Employer Beware!

Fake and Exaggerated Employment Experience, Educational Claims, References, and Related Documents Abound.

Many applicants fake, “improve,” and lie on their Resumes. They provide fake references, fake employers, fake & worthless degrees and exaggerated educational claims. In additon, many present fraudulent documents such as Pay Stubs, Diplomas, Green Cards, SS Cards, and Letters of Recommendation.

Fake ID’s such as Driver’s Licenses, SS Cards, and Green Cards are easy to obtain in any US city.

Our email in-boxes overflow with offers from Diploma Mills churning out phony and “life experience” degrees. Beyond the co-conspirator spouses, relatives, and friends involved, web based businesses also sell fake Resumes, false Employment Verifications, fake Professional References, phony Reference Letters, and fake Diplomas. Software to create bogus documents of all types is offered on the net, including: Pay Stubs, W-2s, and 1099s.

For statistics about the problems uncovered by employment background checks, see Background Check Statistics.

What Can An Employer Do? The Best Practice is to conduct a thorough and comprehensive employment background check.

The core of a quality background check is the basic background check:

  1. Education Verification (especially for professional and management positions).

Then, based on the specific situation, other valuable checks may include:

For a more thorough discussion of what goes into a thorough employment background check, see Comprehensive Background Check: The Best Background Check.

We recommend that you background all your staff, including: executives, full-time employees, part-time employees, temps, contractors, and volunteers.

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